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Haiti Planning Continues

A good friend from Indiana who lives in Haiti and has stayed throughout the pandemic thus far is going to return home for a few weeks in November. In a recent conversation with him, I feel confident we can continue working on plans for a team to travel to Haiti in January. We continue to watch the Coronavirus numbers and continue to pray for the end of this pandemic. I feel called to continue our work in Haiti and pray for people who are interested in traveling with me. Some questions we are considering are: What requirements will be in place for our admission into Haiti? What are the responsibilities and requirements when we return to the United States? What precautions will we need to take to keep everyone safe?

As we continue to plan, we are working with the leaders in Yvon and Laclotte to determine the nature of our work while we are with them. We hope to learn more about the needs in Laclotte while working to complete the school expansion in Yvon.

If you are interested in learning more about this trip or about our work in Haiti, please contact me (618-830-6670 or The cost of the trip is $2300, which includes travel, food, lodging, translator, and project fees.

Please keep Haiti in your prayers as the economic situation has become even more uncertain as the exchange rate was recently cut by 45%, while the prices did not follow suit. Since the diaspora from Haiti often sends money back to Haiti to support family and friends, this means the buying power of that money is much less. This also means the financial support that we periodically send is able to accomplish about half of what it could have accomplished one month ago. Please pray for the government and economic leaders to find a resolution for this present situation.

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