Living the Adventure

An Amazing Experience

After mission trips, Matt invites team members to share personal experiences from the trip. The following article is from Carol Kessler who was one of the  January 2019 Mission Team Members.

When someone asks me if I had a good time on my Haiti Mission Trip, I tell them it was better than being on a tour because of getting to learn more about the country and being among its people. If someone would ask me if I would go again, my response would be a quick “yes.” If they were to talk about dangers or getting around in an unknown land, I would tell them that I always felt secure and basic necessities for safety taken care of through the experienced knowledge of our leader, Matt Henson.  It was interesting to see the relationships Matt has built through going to the same area, Yvon, and the projects started that all improve the lives of people in Yvon like the water filtration buckets, the well, cistern and purification system and the funding of their projects so they may better finance their schools and pay for more teachers (a request Matt made to principals at an earlier date).

It was a trip I gladly gave up conveniences: the wearing of jewelry and nail polish, and work clothes that had seen better days.  The privilege to share the experience with seven Christian men was very special.  That included the four from Illinois, the two interpreters, and the minister of the Yvon Methodist Church.  We shared facilities and experiences together, whether with the work project of seeing the school addition foundation developed further or the ministry to the local people through men’s and women’s conferences and the three evening sessions with the children.

I encourage the participation in mission projects whether it be traveling with a group or giving monetarily so that others may have the experience.  I believe we are to give to and minister to those less fortunate than ourselves, wherever it may be.