Living the Adventure

Beyond Intentions

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” This statement too oVen reflects my life as my intentions, good ideas, and plans are good and my intent is true, but my actions are abysmal. I intended to send that note to the young lady getting ready to go on the mission trip, but it is too late now. I intended to get the video for the one-day Chris(an Ashram done before I leV, but I am on the road now. I intended to get to bed earlier last night, but I trifled away the evening. There are just a few examples of my life being paved with good intentions, but abysmal follow through.

Discipline is the keyword again in this arena of my life. I am not practicing a disciplined life, so the Tyranny of the Urgent or the perception of needing a break or the belief that the idea is not fully thought out sufficiently leads to apathy out of a sense of inadequacy. In Mastery by E. Stanley Jones during Week 23, Brother Stanley writes about our adequacy in Christ. In Christ and Christ in us, we are adequate. How do I live this out in my life, no longer fearing what others may think or believe? How do I daily keep my eyes fixed on Jesus?

I wrote these words in my journal at the beginning of the month. I share them here because I fear that we too many times walk through life overthinking God’s call upon our life and the visions and dreams God has placed into our heart and mind. We easily talk ourselves out of the calling we know because we feel inadequate or because we believe there is someone better to do the task. Today, I want to encourage you to consider how God may be calling you, knowing that God will empower and equip you for the calling He has laid out in front of you.

Be disciplined in seeking God each day and witness the power of the Holy Spirit in your life as you act on the calling and desire placed in your life. As you faithfully seek God in times of prayer and study, we learn in Jeremiah 29:13, that when we search for God, we will find God if we will search for Him with all our heart.