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Concerts of Prayer and Worship

A God-given vision and dream will bear fruit when we are obedient to follow the Holy Spirit’s leadership. I am enlivened and encouraged with the Concert of Prayer and Worship experience in Albion and Carmi. I know people truly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in each of the services. I look forward to seeking the Lord for the next step in this vision and dream. I do not believe this was a “one hit wonder” that is done; rather, I believe this experience was the beginning of something much larger and more powerful that will point us toward true revival and renewal within our communities, our country, and our world.

If you would like to know more about the Concert of Prayer and Worship coming to your congregation, please feel free to contact me. We would enjoy the opportunity to share this powerful experience with people throughout the Midwest. You can contact me ( or 618-830-6670) to discuss the possibility of seeing this go beyond Albion and Carmi.

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