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Eight Years Ago

Eight years ago today (1-12-18), a 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked the country of Haiti. My heart broke as I saw the pictures and heard the stories coming out of Haiti on the day of and following the earthquake. In May of 2010, I made my first trip to Haiti and the pictures on a screen became my personal experience. I met brothers and sisters in Christ as I worked in a country that would steal my heart and a people who would help me more fully understand the beauty of the song, “Jesus loves the children of the world.”

My heart broke again today as the media reported derogatory words reported to have been made by the President of the United States. The pain was even deeper as I read people’s comments about my brothers and sisters in Haiti. It is easy to stand at a distance believing you know a certain group of people and the struggles they endure each day. It is not until you live in the village with them; hear the cry of their hearts; and see the hard work that they do each day. There are struggles in Haiti and there are many reasons for these struggles. The amount of government unrest and poor leadership in Haiti along with the generation after generation being beaten down, the Haitian people have a hard road ahead to a brighter future. I believe in a new future and a great new day in Haiti. I pray it will come sooner over against later and that I will get to witness the transformation in my lifetime.

I will continue to pray with the Haitian people and for their government. I also commit myself to pray with the people of the United States for our government as they make decisions.

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