Living the Adventure

Focus Word of the Year

This past year, I have considered three words as my focus words to serve as an intentional way of guiding my life. The three words for 2018 were: Best, Less, Invest. This was the first year I had words for the year. I will confess I learned a lot about how to incorporate these words into my daily life and my decision-making. I learned I needed to put these words in prominent places at home and at the office. I also learned I needed to write in my journal more about how these words were guiding my life.

I plan to have three motivational words for 2019 that will serve as reminders to me about living intentionally and as ways to focus my life, ministry, and relationships. I am still prayerfully considering my three words for the New Year. I will share those words in the January Adventure Journal. I want to invite you to join me in choosing a word or words that will serve as a focus for 2019. I would be interested to hear about your word, so if you come up with one, email me ( to share it with me.