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Haiti Trip

My heart continues to be drawn to my brothers and sisters in Haiti. It has been nearly a year since I was able to be with them. When I was last there, I was introduced to a new community, Laclotte, and was able to see a sewing vocational center being birthed. As we look into 2021, we have scheduled a Haiti Trip for February 1-9. I have two people willing to travel with me and would enjoy having more.

I have been in contact with our volunteer coordinator, David, who chose to stay in Haiti during the pandemic. He returned home to Vincennes, Indiana for the month of November and has now returned to Haiti. He is very encouraging with his reports of his travels and the present conditions in Haiti.

If you are interested in traveling to Haiti in February or in June 2021, please contact me ( or 618-830-6670). The cost for the trip is $2300/person which covers travel, food, lodging, project cost, and translator.

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