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Haiti Trip Postponed

As I write this article, I am to be in Sobier, Haiti on my 22nd Trip and my first time in three-years to take a team to Sobier. We were forced to postpone the June 22-30 trip because the gangs in Haiti have overtaken the National Route we travel when going from the Guest House to the villages of Yvon and Sobier. The gangs have also taken control of the fuel supplies, limiting where fuel is allowed to be distributed. This creates a potential problem for teams who might safely travel to a certain area but be unable to return because of a lack of fuel. We have rescheduled the trip for July 26-August 3, in hopes of the situation calming down and our team being able to safely travel.

Please be in prayer for the country of Haiti as they continue to deal with this unrest and upcoming elections and votes on a Constitutional change. Also, the Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on the country. Up until now, the effect of Covid on the country has been relatively limited. In recent reports, the number of people dying and being hospitalized has increased. The medical community, as limited as it is normally, is overwhelmed with sick people.

We continue to look for ways to connect with our ministry partners in Haiti, while we are unable to be present. Living the Adventure Ministries has been in conversation with other US based ministries who are working in Yvon and Sobier to collaborate in our desire to respond to emergency needs and to continue the expansion of our ministry to the village of Laclotte. We will not allow the evil to win in the midst of this crisis, and know the Lord will bring clarity and resources for us and our partners during this time. Thank you for your prayers.

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