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I want to make a difference. I am not sure how much more succinct and boldly I can make that statement. I want to make a difference in the world and I know that I have in my heart the answer to the world’s darkness and death…I have Jesus. Yet, there are too many days when I wonder if I am making a difference. I wonder if my words: spoken or written, have made a difference. I wonder if I have sufficiently surrendered myself: mind, heart, soul, and body to Jesus in order that it is His Will that I am living out, not my will.

On those days that I am uncertain as to whether I am making a difference, I often dive into worldly distractions and busyness to create a façade that will make other people think I have a deep level of confidence and certainty. Yet, I realize that the busyness is only a façade that keeps people at a distance, keeping me from truly making a difference. I hide behind the details to keep from an intimacy that can make a difference in relationship.

In a recent prayer gathering, the Holy Spirit spoke into the depths of my heart this very truth. When I travel on mission or to local churches, I become so attune to the details and the sense of busyness, that I miss out on the intimacy of relationship that can truly make a difference. I believe that my busyness will convince people that I am effective. The problem is I lack the depth of relationship that truly meets people where they are and in the struggles they are having.

In recent weeks, I have begun life-coaching relationships with three different, unique people. Each of them has at some level a relational dynamic and struggle in their life. Each of them has realized an emptiness and battle within and desires to find peace and a sense of fulfillment. As I have spoken to each of them, I have sensed the Holy Spirit speaking into my heart as well, assuring that I am listening to the conversation and taking notes in my own heart.

As Living the Adventure Ministries embarks on an expansion in ministry, I know that the Lord is calling me to make a difference and to lay down the façade of busyness so that I can meet people where they are, giving them support, praying with them, and coaching them into a deeper relationship with Christ and others. As I travel to India, to Haiti, to Canada, and to several places in the United States, I am determined to make a difference with Christ’s power alive in me. Our mission statement at Living the Adventure Ministries begins with these words, “Living the Adventure Ministries seeks to work for the transformation of the world…”

If you would be willing to help me make a difference where God leads this ministry, please consider praying for us and financially supporting our ministry. It has been a difficult summer financially, but we trust “the Lord will meet all our needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19). You can give a financial contribution through the enclosed envelope or through PayPal on our website (

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