Living the Adventure

Helping Us Say, “Yes”

The final two months of the year provide a great opportunity for you to invest in Living the Adventure Ministries’ ongoing ministry around the world. I am thankful for the ministry opportunities I have been able to say, “Yes” to, because of your ongoing financial support. Each gift we receive enables us to travel where the Holy Spirit leads us. I have been in ministry in 19 states and six countries, and your gift has made that possible.

As we come to the end of 2019, I want to invite you to consider investing in Living the Adventure Ministries. A strong end to this year will propel us into the great ministry opportunities already lined up in 2020. Your investment supports my traveling to churches around the nation and around the world to proclaim the message without any concerns for what level of financial support will come through the free-will offering Living the Adventure Ministries receives during the event. Your investment in this ministry also helps me travel internationally, where I am able to share Christ’s love in word and action through mission trips, speaking opportunities, and Christian Ashrams.

As you prayerfully consider how you can invest in Living the Adventure Ministries, please consider the following ways to financially support the ministry:

  • A financial contribution
  • IRA Minimum Distribution: if you are 70.5 years old and need to make a required minimum distribution from your IRA, consider working with your financial−advisor to give a portion or all of the minimum distribution to Living the Adventure Ministries.
  • Stock/Bonds transfer
  • Include Living the Adventure Ministries in your Will/Bequest

If you have questions about financially supporting Living the Adventure Ministries, please contact me ( or 618-830-6670).