Living the Adventure

Here I Am, Lord

As I read each of the most recent Haiti Mission Trip paticipants’ articles, I am reminded once again of why I go to Haiti, India, and around the world to share Christ’s message of love, life, and light: God Called Me! Living the Adventure Ministries is not a job or a career for me…it is obedience to God’s call upon my life to live out a ministry of evangelism and mission to the entire world. My heart skips a beat each time I think of the opportunities I have been given to be in ministry with people.

I regularly share with people that I know that I am doing what God has called me to do when it blows my mind that there are not more people lining up to travel in the way I do. I am amazed at the doors that are already open for Living the Adventure Ministries in 2019, and I know there are many more opportunities coming our way.

I give God thanks for your prayers and financial support to make this calling a reality. Your response to God’s call upon your life to support this ministry is a blessing to me. You are making a difference around the world because of your support. If you have been sensing God’s call on your life to financially support this ministry, know that you can make a contribution by using the enclosed envelope or that you can go to our website ( and make a donation through PayPal.