Living the Adventure

India 2019

Prior to my departure on my most recent India Trip, I made a commitment that I would return in 2019. I spoke with a few people who showed an interest in traveling with me in 2019, and I hope they will be able to come along. I would enjoy having several people travel with me to India in 2019. The cost of the trip will be $3,000-$3,500/person. There will be tourism included with a beautiful time at the Sat Tal Christian Ashram, so this trip will serve as a wonderful retreat for spiritual and personal renewal.

Also, while I was at Leonard Theological College, I noticed some opportunities for us to come alongside the students and faculty of this institution to update and fix the married quarters. The married quarters house married students, and as I did some visiting in the homes, I noticed they are all in need of roof repair. The plan would be to remove the damaged tile roofing and replace with metal roofing. The Principal has made a commitment to help find some funding for the project if I can bring a team. If you would be interested in an extension to the main trip to do mission work or are just interested in the main trip, contact me ( or 618-830-6670).