Living the Adventure

It Seems Better by Micah Henson

This year was my second time to Haiti, and the people, buildings and absolute difference from America still amazes and overwhelms me. Last year and this year I saw many differences. The kids we teach and play with, changed. The adults we work and talk with, changed. The atmosphere the people of Sobier live in, changed. But this change that I am talking about, is not a bad change. The change I am talking about is positive. The kids have grown up, the adults are more welcoming, and the atmosphere is even more beautiful.

I have learned between my two trips that it is hard when you get to Haiti, but it is even harder when you leave. Haiti’s smiles, Haiti’s scenery, and my memories from Haiti are what make me happy when I’m down. It makes me happy that Haiti is changing every year that I am there. It’s a positive change. Haiti is getting happier. Haiti is more welcoming. And most importantly, Haiti is getting better and better as more follow God. I cannot wait to see how Haiti has changed for the better next year.

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