Living the Adventure

Listen and Act

I have great ideas, but not the greatest follow through. This statement has resonated with me over the past several weeks as I have considered my own life and considered the role of moving from something I know to something I allow to shape the way I live each day. In James 1:22 we read, “But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves” (NLT).

I fear there are a lot of people sitting in church each week who have listened to God’s Word but have stopped short of putting it into action and living life in a way that aligns the person with what God’s design and desire is for his/her life. The ineffectiveness of the Church is not as much because of a limitation to our knowledge as much as a complacency to put God’s Word into action in our lives as individuals and as the Church.

In the New Year, what would happen if we were intentional about living out the example Jesus gave to us? What would happen if we would seek relationships that would hold us accountable to put God’s word into action throughout our week? How would our communities, regions, states, nation, and world be different if we were listening and acting out God’s word?

I have a vision that in 2019, the local churches of our nation will move out of complacency where we fool ourselves thinking our listening is sufficient to make a difference. I look forward to witnessing local churches and individuals who are living out their faith through action. I look forward to revival coming and communities being forever changed because people are moving out of comfort zones into the areas where there is death, destruction, fear, and despair to proclaim and provide life, order, peace, and hope.

As you go throughout this year, I would enjoy hearing about how you are living out your faith and how you and your local congregations are moving from complacency to action.