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My Journal by Jordan Smithson

Hi, My name is Jordan, I am 26 years old. I recently returned from a mission trip to Yvon, Haiti. This was my first time out of the country on a mission trip. The experience was definitely more than I can put to words.

We flew into Port-au-prince where we were transported to the Methodist Guest House via a van & the Haitians driving – you have to be there to understand their depth perception. Only a few close calls. Once we arrived at the Guest House we were welcomed by the staff with delicious chicken, rice & beans, mashed plantains, & fruit juice. The food was very full of yummy flavors!! The food did not seem to be spicy. We were able to shower at the Guest House & also had air conditioning. They have a pool, but was being cleaned the week we were there.

The next morning we drove to Yvon. Yvon is a quiet rural community. Sleeping arrangements were a cot & tent. Our showers were in a concrete building & we had barrels of water that were brought up the mountain.

The residents of Yvon were more than welcoming & the kindest people. The children, they’ll melt your heart & the language barrier did not stop them from rambling on. We did have translators to help. The kids loved playing games, holding hands as we walked down the mountain to our work site, & having their nails painted – even the boys enjoyed it!

Our worksite was at the local Methodist school and church campus. We started a sewing room for the local women who have a knowledge of sewing. We purchased five powerless sewing machines & brought down an assortment of fabric & thread. We chose the sewing project because the local women decided this was one of their top needs to be successful. This gives them the opportunity to sell their projects for income & provide the school uniforms for the children.

The experience in Haiti was one I will not forget. The beautiful scenery at the lookout, children laughing & seeking your attention & love, seeing & being fully present in their Sunday worship. The faith, praise, & belief of our one true God that was presented in Haiti was amazing considering what little the Haitians have.

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