Living the Adventure

My Words For The New Year

I witnessed the success that comes through an intentional discipline as I watched Nancy focus on her weight loss journey over the past year. When we began 2018, Nancy knew she wanted her life to be different as she continued to battle her weight. She made a decision to come under the accountability of a weight loss clinic. They gave her tools she could use to make wise decisions in food choices and fitness. The doctor, fitness specialist, and nutritionist devised a plan and each month we would visit the clinic for encouragement, accountability, and acknowledgment of success. 

As I embark on 2019, I am working toward goals and benchmarks to serve as encouragement, accountability, and acknowledgment of success in my life as a husband, father, evangelist, and friend. These goals and benchmarks are guided by three words that encompass my hopes and dreams for the New Year. Over the past few months, I have invited you to share a word or words for 2019 for your life. For those who have replied to me with their words, know that I am praying with you that these words will help to guide your life in the New Year.

CONNECT is one of the words guiding my life in the New Year as I seek to CONNECT people to Christ and to CONNECT myself to people in relationship. I notice how often I fall into a task-oriented style of living where I lose out on the depth of intimacy in relationship, trying to prove myself worthy of love and relationship. When I focus on tasks and doing, I miss out on the deeper being that comes with CONNECTION with God and with other people. I lose out on the deeper discovery of who God has created me to be, and I miss out on the voice of the Lord in my day-to-day life. I will focus on CONNECT throughout this year and pray I will end 2019 with deeper relationships.

INTENTIONAL is another word that will guide my life in the New Year as I choose to live life with more INTENTIONALITY. Each day choosing to live life INTENTIONALLY, means I will live my life with a clear purpose and plan for each day. I will not wait for life to come at me but will be INTENTIONAL in choosing to CONNECT with God and with others. As a person who struggles with distractions throughout the day, it will be imperative that I live with INTENTIONALITY. In Deuteronomy 30:19 we read, “Choose life so that you and your descendants may live…” I desire to live life to its fullest and that can only be experienced in an INTENTIONAL life where each decision I make today will be to INTENTIONALLY seek after the direction God has laid out before me. It also means that I INTENTIONALLY invest my time and energy into the important things of life.

TRUST is my final focus word for 2019. I have read about missionaries like Hudson Taylor and George Mueller who modeled a TRUST in God where they did not worry about the provisions necessary to do ministry. They put their TRUST in God to provide food and milk for the orphans; financial needs for their families; and direction for their day to day lives. I look forward to emphasizing, writing out, and living into a deeper level of TRUST in God. Instead of working feverishly to make things happen, I commit to TRUST the Lord for the results as I follow Christ each day. I also TRUST the Holy Spirit to tell me when to go and speak, while also telling me when to be still and quiet. I TRUST that my CONNECTION with God and others will become stronger as I INTENTIONALLY TRUST  in the Lord each day.

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