Living the Adventure

On The Road Again

Travel is slowly reopening, as ministry opportunities become available. In the past two months, I have traveled to Florida, Haiti, Maryland, and New Jersey. In each of these opportunities, I was able to witness the power of the Holy Spirit at work in people’s lives.

At Edgewater United Methodist Church, we witnessed a young lady receive Christ in her heart; a relationship that was reconciled; a woman who had been slumped over when walking for over 20 years able to stand straight up and walk; a young woman who felt the call of God to become more involved in ministry and has started using the hashtag #revivalcourage on her social media account as she steps out in faith in music and dance ministry. New families have connected with this congregation because of the revival services and the boldness of the church members to share the love of Jesus wherever they go.

In New Jersey, I continued my work with the Malaga Camp as they seek to follow the Holy Spirit’s leadership for the vision and mission of the camp going forward. This camp, in existence for over 150-years, serves not only as a summer camp experience but also has year-round residents who have opportunities to be a light into the greater community surrounding them. Please keep this camp in your prayers as the vision team continues its work and as they move into camping season.

Finally, I was able to spend the day with Christian Ashram brothers and sisters in Baltimore, Maryland. I was able to worship with and greet the Israel Baptist Church congregation during Sunday morning worship. I was also able to meet with two pastors and two lay people about the ongoing ministry of the Keuka Christian Ashram and the United Christian Ashram International Ministry. I was truly blessed to be with them and look forward to visiting Baltimore again in the future.

Because of your generosity to invest in Living the Adventure Ministries, I am able to travel to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the nation and around the world. I do not have to worry about whether a church or organization can afford to have me come to share with them. I am blessed to have people like you who invest at such a level to keep me from having to turn away ministry opportunities because of financial reasons. Thank you for your continued financial investment in Living the Adventure Ministries.

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