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One by Cassandra Upchurch

For this year’s trip to Haiti, I had healing on my heart. I wanted to see the people of Yvon miraculously healed and touched by the Lord. When we went on our walks to visit the people door to door, every house I was asked to pray at (before we knew their needs) asked for prayer for healing!

I wish I could say they were all instantly and completely healed. I can’t. And I may never know the end of their stories. But they were all touched by God, and even a little healing is still a miracle! But the first house I prayed at had a sick 2 year old girl. When I laid my hands on her head, I could feel the high fever, and I could see the dullness in her eyes as she lay lethargically on her bed. This is not normal 2 year old behavior, in ANY culture!
My heart broke for her to the point that I couldn’t even speak to pray. My heart just cried out to our Father for her and her mother. Gradually, the Spirit gave me the words and the ability to speak, and I prayed and commanded the fever and infection to leave in Jesus’ name. When we left that house, she had sat up, was showing signs of feeling better, and her head was completely cool to the touch!! From the next house, I looked back, and saw she was up and playing on the front porch!! Yay God!!

This trip was different from any other I’ve been on. And there was a lot of potential for things to go wrong. But here’s the truth: If EVERYTHING else HAD gone wrong, and NOTHING was accomplished except ONE child’s healing, the trip was a COMPLETE victory.
Because the ONE matters. ONE person ALWAYS matters. And if I knew before I left that only ONE person was going to be impacted (many more were), I STILL would’ve gotten on the plane and went. Why? Because I was once the ONE and Jesus stopped at NOTHING to reach me. And now, because of His love for me and in me, the ONE matters to me.
We Christians are all supposed to be seeking and saving the ONE. And you don’t have to go to Haiti or any other country to do that. The mission field is right outside your front door. And if you don’t know Jesus, I have Good News. YOU are the ONE and He is searching for you and will light up ANY shadow, climb ANY mountain, kick down ANY wall, and tear down ANY lie to shower YOU with His love.

Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Does he not leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it?” Luke 15:4

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