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Seeing More Clearly

Nancy and I have passed poor eyesight to most of our children. Between astigmatisms and myopia, three of our boys have glasses/contacts and the optometrist is already noticing issues with Sarafina’s eyesight that makes it seem quite possible that she will need corrective lenses in the future. Though our eyesight may be naturally fuzzy, with the help of corrective lenses our eyesight is set back to 20/20 vision. 

The year 2020 was scheduled to be a watershed year in the life of Living the Adventure Ministries as I was scheduled to travel to Haiti, Zimbabwe, and India, while also expanding my territory with the addition of my role as Associate Director of the United Christian Ashrams International Ministry. Our 2020 vision became quite blurry, though, as the closures and restrictions were put into place to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. As I drove home from Nebraska on March 15, the radio was filled with discussions about the uncertain days ahead. Life was quickly changing and no one knew how our year was going to be overwhelmed with the pandemic and other crises.

In the midst of all this blurriness and uncertainty, though, you have been faithful to support Living the Adventure Ministries with your prayers and financial investments. We made the shift to more online, virtual events and Zoom became a necessary tool for ministry. Our honorarium income took a huge hit this year, as I was not able to speak in as many places where Free-Will Offerings were collected or honorariums given. 

As we come to the end of 2020, we look with great hope and expectation for how the Holy Spirit is going to be at work in and through Living the Adventure Ministries. We are making plans to start traveling soon as the vaccination becomes more widely available and churches and ministries start making plans for events in the new year. We are praying for clarity and new focus for 2021.

As we seek a clearer and more robust 2021, we need your help to end 2020 financially strong to propel us into the new year. You can make a financial gift through our website (go to and click on “Donate” in the top right of the screen); through a minimum distribution from your IRA; through including Living the Adventure Ministries in your Estate Planning; and through a Stock Transfer. If you have questions about investing in Living the Adventure Ministries, please contact me ( or 618-830-6670).

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