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Timing is Everything

It seems as though this year, Spring has been delayed and winter continues to persist. Just when it seems Spring has finally arrived for good, the temperature drops and the long pants and long sleeves come out of the closet again. The delay has been a popular talking point eliciting a variety of emotional responses. It is hard to wait for what we know is coming when several sources have affirmed its coming, but it has not arrived yet.

I remember awaiting our children’s births. There was a due date that had been established, many tests had confirmed the date, and my wife’s growing belly and discomfort confirmed the reality. Yet, we had to wait until the day came that God brought about the glorious introduction to our new baby.

We are people who have a lot of difficulty waiting, especially when we have clear evidence that our present situation will change. We have trouble waiting because we want the change immediately and we don’t want to go through the days of waiting. In Ecclesiastes 3 we read, “There is a season for everything under heaven.” We know the wait for the coming Messiah was difficult. We recognize the Messiah that came ascended and promised He would return. Our waiting is not easy because for some the present situation is a constant struggle that tires them down, yet we are reminded to persevere, to trust in the Lord, and to believe by faith that God will provide for us today and will go with us into tomorrow.

If you are going through a difficult time in life today, don’t give up. The evidence says there will be a brighter day and you can know that you are not alone. It may feel like Winter with a few glimpses of Spring. Don’t give up on the season change, God is still at work.

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