Living the Adventure

Uncertainty In Haiti

The present situation in Haiti is still uncertain. The State Department of the United States con-nues to list Haiti as a Level 4 Travel Advisory, which means the State Department does not recommend traveling to Haiti at this time. We continue to monitor the situation in Haiti and believe the Travel Alert will be changed to a Level 3 before this summer. My conversations with our ministry partners in Haiti lead me to believe the opposition is not as outspoken and the government’s willingness to listen to the opposition’s concerns will create a better environment for travelers and for the people of Haiti.

As a ministry, we continue to plan to take a team to Haiti on June 24-July 2. The team is just a couple people at this time, so we plan to check on our ministry partnerships in Sobier and Yvon and with the school principals at two different schools. I also look forward to spending time in the village of Sobier to seek new opportunities for ministry expansion, speak with the church leaders about new evangelistic opportunities, and to spend time with the youth and children. If you feel a calling to travel with me this summer to Haiti, I need to know by May 1. The cost of the trip is $2300 per person, which will cover your transportation, food, lodging, translator, flight, and project costs.

If you are feeling a call to Haiti, but cannot travel with us this summer, please know that we are scheduling our Winter Trip in January 2020 and will be looking to return to Haiti in June 2020. There is a great need for teams to con-nue to work alongside our brothers and sisters in Haiti, and I believe we are making progress in a country that needs new hope proclaimed and experienced.