Living the Adventure

Witnessing Hope by Eileen Enlow

Writing this article brings so many wow moments to mind. It is hard to pinpoint just one moment that expresses the ‘high’ of my experience. I give thanks to my Lord and Savior for stirring my soul to desire this mission opportunity and then allowing it to become a reality.

I really didn’t have a good grasp on what I might experience physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Physically I was able to perform as well as one might expect of a 71 year-old lady. Ha! I might even have surprised my ‘younger’ teammates. Emotionally, it was mostly a ‘high.’ The ‘low’ came on Thursday evening, realizing that we would have to say so-long to our special interpreters (Angee and Gae-tan) as well as to each of the other team members, and of course to our new Haitian friends. I guess crying like a baby would be considered emotional but I think it was spiritual as well. Spiritually, I felt the presence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit many times—particularly on the mountain top, visiting people in their dwellings of Yvon and getting to pray for some of them was awesome. The Holy Spirit was also very real during the worship services as well as going one on one, helping the people put their water filtration buckets together, seeing their smile and appreciation. Oh how we take for granted all the pleasures we have here in the USA.

There were also many times of just plain fun—like dancing with a man on the top of the mountain after we had prayed for his relative. I think Matt was wondering if he would have to prepare a wedding sermon. LOL!

The worst part of the whole trip was landing in Miami and having to wait 1.5 hours on the tarmack—or was it waiting in the ‘cooler’ air for the hotel shuttle—Both happening in the good old USA.

Thanks to Matt and the entire team for a wonderful experience. I truly admire Matt and his view of indigenous ministry—with the people not just for the people. I witnessed hope and assure you without hesitation that when you give through Living the Adventure, it goes to where it is needed.

God is Good—All the Time! I feel beyond blessed.

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