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Worship: A Universal Language by Tammy Ward

I am so thankful to God for inspiring Matt and the Living the Adventure Ministries partners. It is so wonderful to see what God has been doing through this ministry and other church groups over the years. I am blessed to see what can be done when God’s people work together as one. Bucket water filters distributed, a solar-powered cistern and water filter, the beautiful new church, new homes that have been built, watching the foundation and walls go up on the school addition, hearing about organizations that have set the people up with livestock and taught them how to care for them. There is still much that needs to be done, but I celebrate what has been accomplished.

Living the Adventure Ministries gives you the awe-inspiring experience of being used by God while growing your faith and being blessed more than you give. This was my second trip to Yvon, Haiti. I enjoyed returning to the same location, seeing familiar faces, learning more names and Haitian Creole words. This year we continued to help with the school addition, led Bible school four evenings, had a men’s, women’s and youth conference where we were able to hear about their struggles, hopes, and dreams. Five treadle sewing machines were purchased to set up a vocational school and location for the locals to come and use the machines.

We had so many wow moments again this year. You hear stories about churches rising out of revivals and we were blessed to actually be able to go and visit and worship in one that started this past summer. Language does not matter when you are worshiping God. Even when you do not understand the songs or the prayers, you are blessed and feel God’s presence. We were able to take two New Testament solar-powered audio Bibles to leave behind (From Faith Comes By Hearing). We left one of the Bibles with the new church so they could listen together. We left another with Nora Byen, a local blind man. After leaving the Bible with the blind man, God gave us a wow moment when God brought us back by the man’s home a little while later to see him out on his porch listening and seeing the intent expression on his face.

Thank you to all who pray and support this ministry and a special thank you to the couple that opened up their home to us while traveling home. They served God on the home front by welcoming us into their home in the wee hours of the night, giving us a warm bed to sleep and anything else we needed.

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