Living the Adventure

Year-End Support

We are dependent on strong financial support at the end of the year. Nearly 1/3 of our financial support is received through the generosity of people at the end of the year. We are grateful for people who have already made end-of-the year contributions to Living the Adventure Ministries. We are still in need of people who are willing to support Living the Adventure Ministries with an end of the year contribution. We have great plans for 2019, and your contribution at the end of the year will propel us into 2019 to continue to follow the Holy Spirit’s leadership.

Your contribution goes to help Living the Adventure Ministries to meet the needs of people. Our ministry seeks to reach the whole person: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Relational, and Spiritual. There are millions of people who are physically and spiritually hungry, and I am called to go where people are to share and show God’s love toward them.

Your investment in this ministry helps us:

  • Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people around the world
  • Provide clean water
  • Provide educational opportunities
  • Partner with small, medium, and large local churches
  • Provide an ongoing prayer ministry and healing ministry
  • Build new houses, churches, schools, and medical clinics
  • Build relationships with people around the world and connect Christians in the United States with Christians around the world
  • Revive and Renew Local Churches

In 2019, our Haiti Mission Teams will be doing special events to teach and learn from the Haitian people about the future of their villages and their country. We will have Men’s and Women’s Conferences; evangelistic services; and Bible Studies. Your investment helps to make this possible. In India, Matt will spend time with village pastors and other local pastors seeking ways to partner to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ being proclaimed in an indigenous and powerful way. Matt is also prayerfully considering invitations to other countries and your investment makes it possible for Matt to say, “Yes,” to these invitations.

Your investment into this ministry has long-term returns and fruit as people come to Christ, answer God’s call to enter into ministry, grow in their relationship with Christ, experience the power of healing in their lives, and have a roof over their head and the provisions to help establish a brighter future for their family and community.

Would you please consider investing in Living the Adventure Ministries here at the end of 2018 and into 2019? We need people who will plant financial seeds that can bear much fruit. Your gift of $10, $100, $1000, $2500, etc. will be put into living out our mission around the world. I have many places and people with whom I believe God is calling Living the Adventure Ministries. I need your investment to continue to expand this ministry and to invite people to go with me to experience the power of the Holy Spirit at work in people’s lives around the world. You can invest in this ministry through sending a financial gift in the envelope provided for you or through going to our webpage ( and clicking on the DONATE button at the top of the screen. Finally, if you would like to invest in this ministry through a Stock Gift, Estate Planning, or a Required Minimum Distribution from your IRA, please contact me (618-830-6670 or I will guarantee that your investment will have great spiritual returns when entrusted to Living the Adventure Ministries as we continue to obediently follow God’s leadership for our lives.